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Dog Trainer

Labrador Angels

Training and Promotion of Labrador Retrievers

For over  6 years , I have been fortunate enough to  train Labrador Retrievers in service, therapy, agility, and  obedience.

 Labrador Retrievers are Angels for us humans.  They can heal hearts and souls through their loyalty and love.

Experienced, Positive Trainer

 Training Labrador Retriever puppies 
In public  builds confidence while practicing  good obedience.

I focus on training Labrador Retrievers,

 I do not breed my dogs, 

but I can give Referrals to excellent breeders of Labrador Retrievers, here in Florida .

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I train Labrador Retrievers and their people through Positive Reinforcement only. I emphasize the importance of proper early training and socialization of puppies.

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Kimber Sobeck


Training and Promotion 

of Labrador Retrievers 

 specializing in training people to train their own service  dogs.

Referrals to find great Labrador puppies. 

Labrador Angels

Jupiter, Florida

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